Dr. Bernhardt S. Gottleib
M.D., MED., S.D., DPM

You are to be congratulated upon your efforts to alert the world that there is a body of disorder called Osteoporosis. By the knowledge that you impart, it is to be expected that there will be prophylactic measures to prevent, delay and control this disorder and perhaps make obsolete fractures of the hips in elderly people.

I have been a clinical physician for 65 years. Yet never during my entire practice has there by more that a passing indifference toward Osteoporosis. My attitude was the common attitude of my colleagues. No one seemed unduly concerned about Calcium in the body. It was taken for granted that bones got brittle as age advances.

I am fascinated by your definition, description and erudite explanation of Osteoporosis. You showed a complete understand of the subject matter with sufficient evidence of profound research.

It is true that any person on an adequate diet absorbs a sufficient amount of calcium from food. However, where there is no food taken during the night (from 10 pm to 7 am) the normal blood level of calcium must be maintained. This is obtained by the withdrawal of calcium from the bones. Thus the bones may become porous. This is an insidious process that may begin at age 40 or earlier. It is a misconception that this process occurs in elderly people only.

One way of overcoming this condition is to take a cup of yogurt before retiring. As you get older you may want to increase the yogurt to 1 1/2 cups at bedtime.

I am certain that my colleagues will read your book and will appreciate the service you are rendering to a "fracture free" longevity.


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