Recipes And Research On Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, And Cancer


Marie Bresson, M.S.R.N.

Rosemary and her husband, Al, whom I have known for over 20 years, have become healthier and more lively as they age. It is remarkable that in their early seventies, they are free of pain and the disabilities associated with chronic illness such as heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, adult onset diabetes and arthritis.

As a nurse who specialized in the field of geriatrics, I am particularly aware of the many illnesses that accompany the aging process. The Fishers are not on any therapeutic drugs, but, as one grows older, the body's ability to absorb, distribute, metabolize and excrete the drugs is decreased. As a result, thousands of older persons each year are hospitalized because of the side effects of these drugs.

In this sequel to OSTEOPOROSIS: MY HIGH CALCIUM LOW CHOLESTEROL DIET, Rosemary has devised additional recipes to ward off osteoporosis and heart disease. Long hours of reading over twenty periodicals in the nutrition and health field, and focusing on articles documented with research studies to validate them, provide the basis for these recipes.

Rosemary is an active crusader for healthy lifestyles. She and Al are living examples that a diet composed of essential nutrients, plus exercise, provide the route to good health. By following their example, it is hoped that many of us can live a life free of illness, emphasizing the prevention of disease through diet and exercise instead of a life filled with chronic disease through diet and exercise instead of a live filled with chronic diseases and the multipharmacy that accompanies the treatment of these diseases.


This index provides a list of further research summaries and recipes on some of the many ways foods can help prevent or reverse specific conditions. Just click on the ones that are of interest to you.

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