Here are some web sites with some very helpful nutrition and health information. I have reviewed each of them and think very highly of the information they provide and the way they provide it. If you have suggestions for other sites, or a way I could better describe these, please send me an e-mail at  

Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, M.D.-   " Miracle is a strong word.  But when cookbook author Rosemary Fisher 90, describes the dramatic reversal of her advanced osteoprosis, and her husbands heart disease, the word seems to fit" Dr Qaadri's website is an excellent resource for those looking for assistance with heart disease.  I strongly recommend you review his site. 

Women's Health Issues - An excellent site, providing a wide range of information and links to other sites on women's health issues.  I think you will find this site very informative and helpful. - is an excellent site that contains a host of useful information for users to get details that includes information about cholesterol, cholesterol treatment, cholesterol tips & guidance and a self test for checking cholesterol level and other useful medical resources. This is a site well worth your time!

Prostate-Cancer Treatment -   An excellent site for those looking for information and assistance with prostate cancer.  It provides an excellent overview on the disease and wealth of ideas for cure.  If you know someone with prostate cancer, let them know about this site.

Menopause & Black Cohosh Information Center -   Information center, where you can find some of the best information on the internet about Menopause. This is a great place to start if you want to learn about what you can do to help yourself or someone you love who may be going through Menopause.

Canadian Pharmacy -   Save up to 85% on your prescription drugs.  Buy prescription drugs on line through, Canadian online pharmacy website.   You will also find many excellent health links on the site.

Aging resources web site - An excellent site giving a large directory of aging related websites. You will find lots of ideas here.

The Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center - An wide ranging site providing you with quality arthritis and glucosamine information to help you learn about arthritis, explore the many different kinds of arthritis out there, weigh your options, and educate yourself.   You can use the site to search for information on arthritis, browse articles and get the information you need.

Juice Plus+ -   Provides the nutritional essence of 17 fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule form.

Weight Loss for the Busy Woman -   One of the most important keys to good heart, bone and memory health is keep your weight down.  This website has a series of very helpful ideas for achieving the objective.

MD Junction.Com - This is a wonderful resource of support groups and health care forums for many different diseases.  It has a great deal of valuable information.  Be sure to give it a visit.

FemHealth - This Natural Hormones Site provides women with reliable information on menopause stages, menopause symptoms, its stages and natural ways to treat it.  I found the site very helpful!

The - An excellent list of sites in the health area.

Female Health - If you are looking for a source for calcium supplements this site offers an excellent option.  Also the site has some very valuable information on Osteoporosis and Osteoporosis treatments. 

Unraveling the Secrets of Human Longevity - This most impressive web site is maintained by professors from the University of Chicago's Center on Aging and contributes to their colleagues across the academic world.  The purpose of their studies is to understand the mechanisms of aging and longevity in order to extend the health and productivity of human life spans.   The web site contains an exceptional selection of very interesting, helpful and hopeful research in this area.  It's constantly updated and will serve as an invaluable resource of the latest research on aging.

American Health Assistance Foundation - The Alzheimer's Disease section is an excellent source of basic and advanced information to educate the public about this devastating neurological disease. It provides not only basic info about the disease, but also caregiving advice, medical illustrations, publications, research, a what's new section and much more.  This is a very up to date and comprehensive website that I think you will find very helpful.

NUTRITION EDUCATION.COM - This is a new and very useful web site by the well published and regarded Australian nutrition Professor Dr. Melvyn Sydney-Smith.  It is based in Brisbane, Australia, and is part of the Holistic Medical Centre.  The Centre is split into three main areas of practice.  Nutrition conferences and seminars, Nutrition University Courses, and Nutrition in Clinical Practice.  Dr. Sydney-Smith's goal is to "see our patients achieving the best health profile possible, taking charge of their lives and making the most of their opportunities."  I could not agree more with that goal.  I am sure you will find a great deal of very useful information on this site.   - Unite-4-life is a web site focused on providing critical nutritional information for anyone concerned with prevention of cancer or its reoccurrence.  Its resources and information are outstanding.  If you, or anyone you know wants or needs this type of information, this site is a must visit.  The world's most complete and user-friendly physician directory. More than 500,000 physicians can be located by city, state or specialty.   Offers consumers point-and-click access to a listing of the physician’s name, specialty, address, telephone number, map to the office, board certification, medical school, residency, fellowship, secondary specialty, office hours, languages spoken, affiliated hospitals and health plans accepted. Virtually every practicing physician in the U.S. is listed in our online directory. - The Doctors Guide to the Internet is a very comprehensive site that provides a wide variety of information of of medical and professional interest.  Some of the many things it provides are medical news, alerts and other news - the latest medical news from conferences, the literature, newswires and the 'net. New medical sites of the week - the result of tireless surfing by Doctor's Guide researchers. New drugs or indications - recently approved in your country and around the world. Medical conferences and CME/CHE events - a comprehensive database indexed by country/city, month and subject area. You will find this site of great help!

award2.gif (4776 bytes) GAIA's World is run by Debbie St.Germain, contributing editor for Health Care at Suite 101. She does very informative weekly articles on health care topics and provides links to the best healthcare sites on the web.  GAIA's World is loaded with science and nursing resources.  The site has a fantastic place for support chat.  Visit it often, you'll do yourself a big favor.  It's a great site!

dewaward.gif (1310 bytes) - Visit author and syndicated columnist David Lawrence Dewey's site for news and columns on important issues.  He has a fantastic site!  His column is read by readers in over 45 countries worldwide, and in over 125 newspapers in the U.S.   Mr. Dewey is also a sponsor of the Children's Wish Foundation, and for every copy of his best selling mystery thriller, Revelations, that is sold through 1998, $2.00 will be donated to the Children's Wish Foundation.  It can be ordered online from Barnes and Noble at a 30% discount.  You will love the information and helpful hints this site provides. He is a dynamite writer!
Title: Long Term Care Insurance Quotes
Description: Offers free insurance quotes for long term care, life, health, nursing home, and disability insurance, and provides alternatives for estate planning.

A site worth checking. Its objective stance, research summaries, recipes, health information, and a host of other very valuable material make a must visit for those looking to achieve wellness. Its search engine, very talented and skilled staff, and large set of links to other sites, make it my top place on the web to go for wellness information.


Provides new drug, disease, and general health information in a manner and format that is exceptionally helpful.  It has information on more than 80 diseases, and an extensive storehouse of information on new drugs approved by the US FDA.  This is a great place for information to help ensure you are an informed patient, taking responsibility for your body!

The Soy Goodness page is loaded with helpful kinds of information on soy.   It has soy product reviews, medical research, books and magazine reviews, recipes and a great deal more.  You will find this a very valuable place to increase your knowledge of how soy can be of benefit to you and it will also add to your general nutrition knowledge.  As you know, I strongly recommend using soy foods in my books, and this is a site I highly recommend.

The Women's Nutritional Advisory Service (WNAS) has provided scientifically based non-drug help for women's health problems for over fourteen years.  You will find a wealth of valuable information on in this site! 

The Women's Interactive Health Site has a large amount of useful information to help women. 
Each of the follow learning centers are designed to provide individualized information and motivation to help women make changes when necessary to achieve a higher quality of life.

"The Gynecologic Health Center"

"The Midlife Health Center"

"The Nutrition Center"

"The Infertility Center"
Women's Wellness and Health Concerns. This is a resource page designed to provide women with links  found to be valuable on issues related to Women's Health.  I think you will find the resource here very helpful!

They call Janine O'Leary Cobb,"The Menopause Lady", because her work has been devoted exclusively to reading, writing and talking about menopause for the last 12 years. She is the founder and editor of A Friend Indeed, the preeminent newsletter for women in menopause and midlife. You will not find a better source for information and exceptional helpful guidance on menopause, and related health issues.

NewLifeChanges Menopause News, was created to help to bring the best information on Menopause available, To help you make a more informed choice at this new time of life. The have a great free newsletter and a great site, well worth the visit.

The Wellness Interactive Network, provides access to thousands of Health Information Resources on the Internet. It features a medically specific search engine accessing more than 10,500 health, fitness, and medical information resources on the Internet. You'll find what you need here.

Women's Online Connection is a fantastic site that provides daily news and information, an events calendar, and networking opportunities. Its info centers cover Health and many other topics such as  Arts, Books, Business, Career, Community, Education, Family, Gender, Equity, Law/Safety, Lifestyles, Personal Finance, Politics, Science & Technology, Sports, Webzines, WomanTrend, Women's History, Work/Life.  They have a great set of message boards and a chat room.  You need to visit this site.

anatomy2.jpeg (30466 bytes)

Your Health On Line has the objective of better health, your better health! It states that increased awareness can lead to improved education and, hopefully, better health. It has a library of many proven links organized by Traditional, Alternative, Research, Known Diseases and Veterinary Medicine.   You will appreciate the careful reviews and organization that this site provides.   You will want to visit it often.

Donn's Diet & Weight Loss is one of the internet's best "one stop" resources for diet and weight loss information. It has frequently asked questions about weight loss, diets, and recipes with links to expert documentation.   If you are looking to lose weight, this is a great place to go.

The Arizona Health Sciences Library NUTRITION PAGE from the University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, has links to all types of information including Diseases and Health Nutrition, WWW Herbs & Herbal Medicine, Vitamins & Antioxidants, Nutrition and Foods, Industry Consumer Information, International Nutrition Sites, Electronic Journals, Foods and Recipes, Food Safety, Libraries and Universities, Exercise and Fitness, Foods & Nutrients, Dietetics Sources, Clinical Nutrition.  You name it, they have it!.

This is the University of Kentucky's list of Web sites related to food science.   It will take you to all sorts of great web resources.

This site is a comprehensive guide to food, cooking, and recipe related web sites. It as a master index to over 7,427 food and cooking-related links.  You will find lots of ideas in this site.

The Disabled People's Association Singapore is an excellent web site with infomration and links for people with all types of disabilities.

The Alternative Medicine network provides an introduction to Alternative Medicine. It has
•Physician and health related products Referral Service
•The Thinking Person's Guide To Perfect Health, an acclaimed and informative book - and what leaders of the alternative medicine movement have to say about this book.
•Dr. Kennedy's Educational Consultation Service or convenient Online Forum.
If you are looking for information on alternative Medicine, this is a great site.

The Blonz Guide to Nutrition, Food Science, and Health is a comprehensive nutrition, food, and health resource compiled by a nationally syndicated scientist/journalist. A fantastic source of great health links and information, with strong scientific creditability. Also has a very useful search engine.

Dedicated to educating viewers, and having viewers help educate one another on the safe and effective uses of vitamins, herbs and other natural products. A healthy lifestyle is the overall theme. There are so many ideas and recipes in this site, I think you will be delighted.

Provides an excellent overview of Human Health and Diseases. The site provides information on health, the human body, the diseases that afflict it, and the therapies that attempt to cure it.

An independent producer of broadcast dialogues and other quality programming. It fosters the process of living a more healthy life of body, mind and spirit while deepening our connections to self, family community, environment and planet.

Health A to Z is a comprehensive search engine and database of thousands of sites in Health and Medicine. Medical professionals have manually catalogued all sites.

The Awesome Library is a Consumer Oriented Site website, which organizes over 11,000 carefully reviewed resources and contains a directory, an index, and a new search engine. You can use its health and PE section to get updates about Health, Nutrition, and Personal Care. If you are a parent, teacher, or student looking for information you will not beat this very professional site.

smallsearch.gif (1165 bytes)

An excellent site for those over 50. Its health and nutrition section has links to a number of web pages dealing with Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Cancer and Osteoporosis.

Eldercare Web is one of the oldest and most comprehensive eldercare gateways on the World Wide Web! It's a collection of hundreds of reviewed links to on-line information about health, financing, housing, aging, and other issues related to the care of the frail elderly.  This Web is designed for caregivers, family, healthcare providers, and professional advisors of elderly people with care needs.  It has lot of great info!

This anti-aging newsletter here offers a great deal of helpful information.   It's a site well worth visiting.

Another over 50-age group web site with excellent health links to sites throughout the world. Specific information on many major health difficulties is covered extensively on the site.

An excellent source of information on web sites for seniors from the US Department of Aging. It provides great links to government and other not-for-profit health sites.

Contains information for use by physical therapists, geriatric clients and their families, those considering a career in physical therapy, and anyone concerned with healthcare issues for older individuals.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) is America’s leading resource for people seeking up-to-date, medically sound information on the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of osteoporosis.

Gerontology Research Group is a group of scientists, engineers and physicians dedicated to the discovery of the means to slow, and then reverse, the human aging process in the next century. An outstanding source of the latest research on human aging.

Starting Point is an excellent search engine with great health links.

Global Health and Fitness is an excellent health site that provides free samples of exercise instructions, video demonstrations, customized exercise programs, healthy recipes, and easy to follow recommendations for each of the five components of health and fitness.

This is a women's health and wellbeing page designed to connect high quality sites that are of particular interest to women, with the focus being on health and general wellbeing issues.

How about this recommendation from Hippocrates: Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. This site explores this idea in detail. The nutritional preventive medicine section is an excellent research summary.

The objective of this site is to be the main reference site for women's writing -- where every woman can find the readings of her choice, be it information or recreation.   Women's Cybrary has over 1,300 links -- and growing!  A monthly newsletter is e-mailed to subscribers free of charge. Its full of great information and is a wonderful site and tribute to somemany tallented women authors.

Every woman has a fantasy. It may be about her career, her appearance, her lover, her family, her home, or her ideals. Or, it may be something else altogether. Whatever it is, if you want it, wants to help you turn that fantasy into reality by giving you the tools, methods and confidence to achieve your dreams.

Voices of Women is expressing the feminine awakening that is happening among us and puts a new set of power tools in our hands. Women are using these powerful tools to create a supportive community for themselves and each other and, at the same time, carving a place for women on the Internet, the new communications frontier. This is a fantastic 'power to women' site!

Frank Severa's useful URL page is something he updates each week. It's a great site for getting feedback on what's new and useful on the web. 


This index provides a list of further research summaries and recipes on some of the many ways foods can help prevent or reverse specific conditions. Just click on the ones that are of interest to you.

(Home)  (Description of books for prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer and dementia) (Low fat recipes) (Research studies on osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and dementia from the books) (Nutritional Research on Osteoporosis Prevention)  (Foods to eat or avoid to help prevent or reverse Osteoporosis) (Nutritional Research on Cancer) (Foods to eat or avoid to help prevent or reverse Cancer)  (Nutritional Research on Alzheimer's Prevention) (Foods to eat or avoid to help prevent or reverse Alzheimer's) (Nutritional Research on Overcoming Heart Disease) (Foods that speed healing of Broken Bones) (Foods to help prevent or reverse Heart Disease)  (Research on Foods to eat or avoid for helping to Prevent Kidney Stones) (Research on Foods for Helping To Heal Broken Bones) (Rosemary's story)  (Rosemary's talks)  (Links other nutrition research resources on the net) (Order form for books on preventing or reversing osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer and dementia )

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