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Foods and Life Styles that Help Prevent/Reverse


Heart Disease,


and Dementia (Alzheimer's),

and Help to Heal Broken Bones

and Prevent Kidney Stones.

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If you suffer from, or are interested in reducing your (or another person's) chances of suffering from osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia, stroke, kidney stones or cancer, or if you are looking to help heal broken bones or you are just looking for an anti-aging diet, this material is for you.  The website has the information and recipes you need for creating you own osteoporosis diet, healthy heart diet, anti cancer diet, and prevention of dementia diet.


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Battling her husband's heart disease meant a reorganization of Rosemary Fisher's kitchen. She helped him control the threat by changing the family diet. Then she fought a severe medical problem of her own--osteoporosis--with a combination of recipes. The 79-year-old nutritionist from Rochester, New York (left), has written four books about healthy eating, and she donates all the proceeds to charity. Now she's got a Web site, too. "I just want to share what I have learned and experienced with others so they have the same chance I did for increased health and happiness," she says."

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Rosemary C. Fisher at 92

Story - How Rosemary Fisher was able to reverse osteoporosis, heart, and Alzheimer's. Review the rcfisher story .

Books - These books summarize over 200 medical research studies, and provide over 200 recipes applying those studies. They are yours to discover and use in her four books & 200 low fat recipes.
Lectures - Rosemary has presented a number of lectures on her story, research and recipes to groups across the world. For information on her availability contact her at She donates 100% all fees to charity, linked to the group she speak too.
Links - Some useful links to other web resources on nutrition for preventing osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's.

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Current Research Summaries 

Osteoporosis: Current nutritional research on

  How Common is Osteoporosis?

  Vitamin D and Osteoporosis

  How foods high in lysine help increase bone density

  DEXA Test to determine if you have Osteoporosis

  Is there a link between Heart Disease and Osteoporosis?

  Can men reverse their Osteoporosis?

  Which is best, diet or calcium supplements?

  Boron's Role in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis

  High protein diets link to bone loss


 Research on Foods for Preventing or Reversing Osteoporosis

  Some foods to consider eating more often

  Foods to consider avoiding


Heart Disease: Current nutritional research

Use low fat milk to reduce your saturated fats

Foods to improve your homocysteine levels

Sugar and its role in heart disease

Sugar and its role in increasing blood pressure and blood fats

Apples as a tool for raising your good HDL cholesterol and reducing bad LDL cholesterol

Oatmeal as a low sodium vitamin backed breakfast food

Cooked tomatoes and tomato sauce for reducing heart disease

Watch for the fats to restrict, all fats are not bad

Nuts may lower the risk of dying from heart disease

Broccoli Sprouts are a safe way to get beta carotene, for those on heart medication

Aortic valve thickening and risk for heart attack or stroke


Research on Foods for Preventing or Reversing Heart Disease

Some foods to consider eating more often

Foods to consider avoiding


Cancer: Current nutritional research  

How much can we reduce our risks of getting cancer

Flaxseed as a means of reducing breast cancer risk

Fats, sugar and sodium and cancer

Orange Juice and cancer

Pumpkin and cancer

Fruits and Vegetables and cancer

Soy foods and cancer

Milk and cancer

Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and Cancer

Beta Carotene and Prostate Cancer

Garlic and Prostate Cancer

Green Tea and Cancer

Sprouts have 20 times more by weight of the chemical sulforaphane for Fighting Tumors

Fish oil and cancer

Tomatoes and cancer 


Research on Foods for Cancer Prevention

Some foods to consider eating more often

Foods to consider avoiding


Dementia (Alzheimer's):Current nutritional research  

Reducing calorie and carbohydrate intake may affect Alzheimer’s disease risk   

In a major study Vitamin C and E Cut Alzheimer's Risk by 64%

Diet Rich in Foods with Vitamin E May Reduce Alzheimer's Disease Risk

Low Cholesterol & Low Blood Pressure's Impact on Preventing Dementia

Thiamine and Alzheimer's

Magnesium and Brain Functioning

Vitamins and Alzheimer's

Physical Fitness and Mental Functioning

Homocysteine, Folic Acid, B12 and Alzheimer's

Cholesterol: A Clue to Alzheimer's?

Vitamin E and Vitamin C supplements have a "significant protective effect" against memory
problems and loss of mental alertness

Research on Foods for Helping Prevent Dementia (Alzheimer')

Some foods to consider eating more often

Foods to consider avoiding


Research on Foods for Helping Prevent Kidney Stones 

Foods to consider avoiding

Some foods to consider eating more often


Healing Broken Bones: Current nutritional research

Nutrition's role in increasing the speed of bone healing

High calcium foods for bone healing

Lysine to increase calcium absorption

Vitamin C as a bone healer

How aspirin and anti inflammatory drugs can retard bone healing

Vitamin K to promote bone healing

Smoking slows the healing of bones

Avoid Bone Robbers

Boron's role in bone healing

The role of silica and zinc

Simple comfort tips


Research on Foods for Helping To Heal Broken Bones 

Some foods to consider eating more often

Foods to consider avoiding


Nutritional Research of Additional Interest

Beta carotene and aging

Antioxidants vitamins and cataracts

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See additional research summaries and recipes from Rosemary's 4 books   books-low fat recipes.


If you would like to review summaries of over 200 medical research studies, on how nutrition can help prevent or reverse Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Cancer and Dementia, and have over 200 recipes based on those studies call Warren H. Green, Inc., Publisher, at 1-800- 537-0655 or smail or fax the order form. Order Form


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This index provides a list of further research summaries and recipes on some of the many ways foods can help prevent or reverse specific conditions. Just click on the ones that are of interest to you.

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